Cahors... Lot’s beautiful inspiration

From the Valentré Bridge to St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Lot’s capital combines a southern atmosphere with a rich history.

Nestling in a bend in the Lot Valley, Cahors, a Town of Art and History, seems to have been designed to delight sightseers.

Founded in the days of Ancient Rome, the town of Cahors became one of Europe’s leading commercial and financial centres in the Middle Ages. This golden age has left it with an ancient town centre that is still intact and thriving today, making it well worth a visit.

The Valentré Bridge, the emblem of the town, crosses the river and has three fortified towers. You can stroll along it or approach it on a boat ride on the Lot. Built in the 14th century, the Valentré Bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in connection with the Way of St. James. Legend has it that the devil is associated with this bridge, so look up to catch a glimpse of him!