Figeac - The city connected to the pyramids

Figeac is located in the Célé valley, a tributary of the Lot, at the crossroads of the Ségala, the Quercy limestone plateaus and the Limargue. It is surrounded by a diversity of soils which has allowed for the variety of its agricultural production and has always given it a central role as a market and fair town, which has earned it a place on the route to Santiago de Compostela.
The second largest town in the Lot, Figeac will seduce you with the richness and beauty of its heritage.
Its historic centre, shaped by the Middle Ages, is home to a remarkable number of merchants' houses with sculpted facades. These restored houses bear witness to the wealth of the town, which traded with the whole of France and the major Mediterranean ports.
Overlooking the Place des Ecritures, the Champollion Museum - Les Ecritures du Monde - is located in the family home of the Egyptologist. It gathers collections of writing objects and characters from all over the world, which express the wonderful diversity of cultures.
Not far from there, you will discover the Place des Ecritures covered with a huge black granite slab bearing hieroglyphs, representing the "Rosetta Stone", which enabled Champollion to decipher the writing of the Pharaohs.