Bonnefont Marsh

Discover the Marais de Bonnefont Regional Nature ReserveRemarkable, vulnerable nature accessible to all

Just a stone’s throw from our 4-star Le Ventoulou campsite, less than 3 km away, lies a veritable treasure trove of biodiversity: the Marais de Bonnefont Regional Nature Reserve. This preserved area, with its exceptional ecological wealth, is a must-see destination for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts.

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A Unique Ecosystem

The Marais de Bonnefont covers more than 42 hectares and is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. The site is particularly well known for its wetlands, which play a crucial role in regulating water quality and preserving natural habitats. Marshes are essential for the conservation of many species, including migratory birds, which find an ideal refuge here.

Remarkable flora and fauna

A stroll through the marsh will give you the chance to observe an impressive variety of rare and protected plants, such as wild orchids. Botany enthusiasts will be enchanted by the wealth of plant life in this environment.

As far as wildlife is concerned, the Marais de Bonnefont is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Here you can observe rare bird species such as grey herons, black storks and kingfishers. Wetlands also attract a multitude of insects, amphibians and small mammals, contributing to a balanced and diverse ecosystem.

Activities for All

The reserve offers several marked hiking trails, perfect for walks with family and friends. The routes are designed to be accessible to all, allowing you to discover the treasures of the marsh at your own pace. Information panels are scattered along the trails to inform you about the ecological specificities of the site and ongoing conservation efforts.

For the more curious, guided tours are organized on a regular basis. These outings, led by local experts, will enable you to learn more about the reserve’s conservation initiatives and observe the flora and fauna in greater depth.

Take a stand for Nature

The preservation of the Réserve Naturelle du Marais de Bonnefont relies to a large extent on awareness-raising and visitor involvement. During your visit, remember to respect the reserve’s rules: stay on the marked trails, don’t pick plants or disturb animals. Your responsible behavior helps protect this fragile ecosystem.

Plan your visit

To take full advantage of this unique experience, we recommend you allow half a day to explore the marsh. Don’t forget to bring binoculars, a camera and comfortable walking shoes. And after your excursion, why not extend the pleasure with a swim in our heated pool or a relaxing evening in one of our comfortable mobile homes?

An Unforgettable Nature Stay in Ventoulou

The proximity of the Marais de Bonnefont is one of the many assets that make our campsite a privileged destination for nature lovers. A stay at Le Ventoulou combines comfort and discovery, while being just a stone’s throw from this exceptional natural site.

We look forward to sharing the beauty and tranquillity of our magnificent region with you. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in an authentic, rejuvenating nature adventure!