Enjoy a Premium Camping Experience with our Privilege Locations

Welcome to the exclusive world of our Privilege Pitch range at Le Ventoulou campsite, where luxury and nature meet for an unrivalled camping experience. Within this exceptional range, we are proud to present our current jewel: thePitch Privilège Garden, a 2023 innovation that raises the standard for luxury camping.

Features of the Emplacement Privilège range :

Space and comfort: Each pitch in this range offers 120 m² of space, designed to comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. Whether you opt for the Privilège Garden or any other future location in this range, expect spacious, serene surroundings.
Top-of-the-range equipment: Enjoy a 10-amp electrical supply and direct access to a drinking water tap. These amenities ensure that your basic needs are covered with a touch of luxury.
Exclusive amenities: The Privilege Garden Pitch features a covered wooden table and benches, providing a space for outdoor relaxation and conviviality. Each location in this range promises unique features to enrich your stay.
Installation flexibility: Whether you come with a motorhome, a car and tent, or a caravan, our pitches are ready to welcome you. Additional tents or arbors are allowed at no extra charge, allowing you to personalize your space as you wish.

We would like to remind you that space management remains the responsibility of the campers. Although we offer a generous setting, we cannot be held responsible for lack of space due to inappropriate use of space.

Times: Pitches are available from 2pm and must be vacated by 12pm on the day of departure, allowing you to make the most of every moment of your stay.

The Privilege Pitch range is our invitation to a camping experience where luxury and comfort are in perfect harmony with the beauty of nature. Book your pitch today and get ready for an exceptional stay at Le Ventoulou campsite.