Bar and catering

Our Bar/Restaurant “La Parenthèse Quercynoise offers a wide range of on-site services: bar, restaurant, breakfast, takeaway.

Get out of the oven and relax!You’re on vacation.

Relaxation and conviviality are the order of the day at our campsite bar. Come and discover this welcoming space, perfect for relaxing and enjoyingtime with family and friends. Our bar invites you to share a drink on the spacious terrace, where the friendly atmosphere is conducive to socializing and meeting other campers.

Take advantage of our lively evenings, with regular concerts and entertainment, to discover a varied selection of regional beverages. Indulge in a refreshing cocktail or a local craft beer, while enjoying the music andfestive atmosphere.

For those with a sweet tooth, our bar also offers delicious ice cream sundaes, ideal for cooling off on a hot summer’s day. Savor these icy delights in a soothing setting, admiring the view over the campsite and enjoying the surrounding peace and quiet.

Come and experience unforgettable moments at our campsite bar, where every moment is an invitation to relaxation and conviviality.

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Local producefor a convivial meal

Whether you’re a resident of the campsite or just passing through and living in Thégra, our restaurant welcomes you every lunchtime and evening and offers a varied, basic menu.

The campsite restaurant has redesigned its menu to offer you fresh, local, simple and tasty products.

Take advantage of being in the Dordogne Valley to savour our various mixed salads, local produce, gourmet burgers and pizzas!

During the vacationsit’s allowed!

At Camping Ventoulou, we understand that sometimes you want to enjoy a relaxed meal in the comfort of your own personal space. That’s why we’re delighted to offer you a takeaway service that combines convenience and quality. Our varied menu includes classic favorites like tasty pizzas, crispy fries and delicious burgers. These gourmet options are ideal for satisfying your culinary cravings without leaving the peaceful surroundings of your rental property.

Each dish is prepared with care, using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our goal is to provide you with a meal that’s as delicious as it is convenient. Whether you’ve just returned from a day of exploring or simply want to spend a quiet evening, our takeaway service is the perfect solution.

In addition to pizzas, fries and burgers, our menu also includes a variety of other options to suit all tastes. Fresh salads, a variety of snacks and special dishes are available to enhance your culinary experience at the campsite.

Enjoy these relaxing moments with family or friends, savoring a delicious meal in the privacy of your rental. Our takeaway service is designed to add a touch of comfort and pleasure to your stay at Camping Ventoulou.