Chastang dam

A concrete giant taking it easyIndustrial tourism in the Dordogne Valley

Just 50 kilometers from our 4-star Le Ventoulou campsite, nestled in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, lies the impressive Barrage du Chastang. This tour offers a fascinating dive into history and engineering, while immersing you in the region’s natural beauty.

A masterpiece of engineering

The Chastang dam, built between 1947 and 1952, is a feat of engineering that continues to captivate visitors with its sheer size and importance. At 79 metres high and 300 metres long, it is one of the largest dams on the Dordogne. This arch dam, designed to optimize electricity production, perfectly illustrates the technological advances of the time and remains an essential structure for hydroelectric production in France.

An Immersion in History

A visit to the Barrage du Chastang is like stepping back in time. During your visit, you’ll discover how the dam was built and the challenges engineers and workers had to overcome. Permanent exhibitions and guided tours explain the importance of this infrastructure to the development of the region and to sustainable energy production.

Dazzling Nature

In addition to its historical and technical interest, the Barrage du Chastang is surrounded by breathtaking scenery. The reservoir created by the dam forms a magnificent lake, ideal for water-based activities such as canoeing, fishing or simply taking a boat trip. The green banks and surrounding hills offer superb opportunities for hiking and picnicking in the heart of nature.

An ideal excursion from Camping Le Ventoulou

Staying at Camping Le Ventoulou means you’re perfectly placed for exploring the Barrage du Chastang. After a day full of discoveries, you can return to our haven of peace to relax in our indoor heated swimming pool, enjoy our sports facilities or simply relax in the comfort of your accommodation.

Practical information

  • Distance from Camping Le Ventoulou: 50 km, approx. one hour’s drive.
  • On-site activities: Guided tours, exhibitions, water sports, hiking.
  • Tips: Remember to bring walking shoes for the hikes and a camera to capture the spectacular scenery.

The Barrage du Chastang is a must-see destination for lovers of history, engineering and nature. We invite you to take advantage of your stay at Camping Le Ventoulou to discover this exceptional site and enrich your experience of the Dordogne Valley.