Autoire, the little Versailles

Nestled in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, just a few kilometers from our Le Ventoulou campsite, Autoire is a real gem to discover. Listed as one of the“Most Beautiful Villages in France“, this picturesque little village offers an enchanting setting that will appeal to nature lovers and history buffs alike.

An Exceptional Natural Settingand Remarkable Architectural Heritage

Autoire, nicknamed “Little Versailles”, is surrounded by majestic cliffs and lush greenery. At the entrance to the village, the famous Autoire waterfall, over 30 metres high, offers a breathtaking natural spectacle. An easy stroll takes you to the foot of this waterfall, where the soothing sound of the water and the cool surroundings invite you to relax.

Remarkable architectural heritage

The village of Autoire is a veritable open-air museum, where every alleyway tells a story. You’ll be charmed by the half-timbered houses, manor houses and castles that bear witness to the region’s rich history. Among the must-sees are the manor house of La Roumégouse and the Château des Anglais, nestled in the cliffs, offering breathtaking panoramas.

Activities for All

Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast, a heritage lover or just looking for some peace and quiet, Autoire has something for everyone. The hiking trails around the village offer exceptional views and a variety of landscapes. For families, the village also offers guided tours and workshops for children, for a fun and educational discovery.

A gourmet destination

After a day of discovery, what could be better than sampling local specialities? Autoire’s restaurants and inns welcome you in a friendly atmosphere to sample the delights of regional gastronomy. Don’t miss the walnut dishes, truffles and local wines that will delight your taste buds.

How to get there

From Camping Le Ventoulou, Autoire is easily reached by car in just a few minutes. It’s a quick trip, so you can make the most of this bucolic getaway without wasting any time.


Autoire is an ideal destination for a day trip from our campsite. With its mix of nature, heritage and gastronomy, this village has everything to please and promises unforgettable memories. Please do not hesitate to ask reception for any further information you may need to organize your visit.

We hope you will be as enchanted as we are by the beauty and authenticity of Autoire. Enjoy your discovery!