Nature Visits in the Dordogne Valley: Discover the Zoos of the Lot

Parc Animalier de Gramat :

Nature on a grand scale! 40 shaded hectares for a walk on the causse, in the heart of the Parc Naturel des Causses du Quercy, to meet wolves, bears, lynx, otters, bison, owls, deer…

Le Rocher des Aigles :

The birds of prey show is breathtaking. The birds soar over the Rocamadour canyon, hovering over the town and the wooded hills, before diving straight back down onto the esplanade. It’s rare to be so close to these majestic birds: condors, eagles, parrots… and to admire them in complete freedom.

Monkey Forest:

Also in Rocamadour, a walk under the oak trees in a 20-hectare park to meet 150 Barbary macaques roaming freely… Here you can observe several generations of monkeys, from the patriarch taking a nap to the little baby clinging to its mother. And let’s not forget the young magots who play and squabble! A great visit for the whole family!

Durandal Park:

Discover three not-to-be-missed equestrian shows near Rocamadour Castle in summer. Share these unforgettable moments with the whole family in a pleasant, shady park. Equestrian stunts, fights, picturesque characters, quirky humor and a close relationship with the performers.

Reptiland :

Visit the largest collection of venomous reptiles in France at Martel! Snakes, of course, but also crocodiles, turtles, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions… They’re waiting for you to get up close and personal…and in complete safety!

Le Marais de Bonnefont :

The Marais de Bonnefont Regional Nature Reserve is a unique site on the Causse: a wetland on a plateau where water is scarce. Self-guided (free) or guided tours are open to all, to discover amphibians, insects, butterflies… and a magnificent reedbed.

Calviac Zoological Reserve:

The Réserve Zoologique de Calviac is a conservatory for endangered species, home to almost 200 animals from 4 geographical zones: Europe, Madagascar, South America and Oceania. The site, entirely wooded, is revealed along a 1.5 km educational and fun trail.

Insectopia :

Just a stone’s throw from the Padirac chasm, Insectopia unveils the fascinating world of living insects from all over the world: leaf beetles, giant millipedes, beetles, beetles… not forgetting a room where you can wander among magnificent butterflies!

La Maison des Abeilles :

How important bees are to our survival on a global scale… At the Maison des Abeilles, we explain the organization of a beehive and the job of a beekeeper. At the heart of the museum, a living beehive to understand the intense life of honeybees.