The city of twenty-five towers lives up to its name: Le Rubis in the Dordogne Valley

Collonges-la-Rouge offers an original and unusual sight, as much for the flamboyance of its stonework as for the richness of its heritage. Red sandstone with ochre hues, gray slate, blue slate and green vines clinging to the walls form the palette of a dreamy little town.

CollongesOne of France’s most beautiful villages

A village with the ” Most Beautiful Villages in France ” label, it is home to the national headquarters of the association of the same name. This architectural jewel, set in rolling greenery between chestnut and walnut trees, is a great place for hiking, and a secondary stop on the Rocamadour pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.

Your journey will be punctuated by the discovery of the church built in the 11th century. and fortified during the Wars of Religion in the 16th century. the chapel of the Penitents, built in the 13th century century, the Château de Vassinhac, built in 1583, both refined and powerful, flanked by hexagonal towers with spiral staircases, the covered market where you’ll find the old oven where villagers used to bake their bread, and the Maison de la Sirène, which today houses a museum of folk art and traditions.