Flavours of the Lot: A land of excellent local produce and gastronomy, the Lot is a real treat for the taste buds.

A land of tradition and gastronomy, farmers, producers and chefs all play their part in the Dordogne Valley‘s reputation.

From the market stall to the menu of Michelin-starred restaurants, enjoy black truffles and Rocamadour cheese with a glass of Glanes wine or Cahors Quercy melon, saffron, Quercy farm lamb and walnuts….. All the flavour and quality of local produce on your plate.

Local products such as walnuts, truffles, plums and cheeses are the fruit of a generous land and the result of the passion and hard work of the people who live there. The stalls change with the seasons, offering authentic and sometimes unusual flavours.

All year round,the villages come alive with color on market days.

Generous and gourmet, the table here is an art of living. Fruity flavors and farm products, we share our good addresses…

Thefarm lamb from Quercy, of the Caussenarde breed, is raised “under the mother”, in the shade of the Causse oaks, for up to 70 days. On the causse, short grass, dry stone walls and ewes with black-rimmed eyes: they look like they’re wearing glasses!

Rocamadour PDO, a delicious little goat’s milk cheese that’s as creamy as they come.

Formerly known as “cabécou”, this small raw-milk goat’s milk cheese has been made on the Quercy limestone plateau since the 15th century. On the palate, this smooth cheese melts on the palate, releasing subtle flavors of cream, butter and hazelnut.

Enjoy walnuts in all their forms.

The walnut tree is to the banks of the Dordogne what the olive tree is to Provence: the signature of a land, a landscape heritage, a source of wealth since the 10th century. Marbot, Corne, Granjean and Franquette are the four varieties that share the Noix du Périgord PDO.

The Carennac plum, a Reine-Claude bursting with sunshine.

Every spring, Reine-Claude plum trees bloom in light white clouds on the slopes of the Dordogne Valley. Plums also give “La Vieille Prune” its full flavor, thanks to a recipe that has been kept secret for over a century.

Melon du Quercy, a summer delight

Cultivated for almost a century in the Quercy region, its gustatory qualities, orange flesh and melt-in-the-mouth flavor have earned it an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication). To the delight of connoisseurs, who like it plain, roasted, in soup or jam.